Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Top Five

I made a list of my top five things in the new section of the starplaza.

1. -Fudge girls Julia top- I love the color of this top and the way it hang. Unfortunately. It's only for superstars.
2.-Fudge girls high waisted skirt- I always love high waists and I love skirts so whats not to like. Whats more it's only 5 stardollars and available for non superstars. This is what I'm saving up for! Still 3 stardollars to go:(
3.-Stardoll girls double front button-This cardigan will go with most casual outfits and I LOVE double buttons.
4.-Doree brocade berry- I love this color and it will always make you stand out in the crowd.
5.- Reindeer earrings- Very christmasy and so cute!

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