Monday, January 19, 2009

Good deals!

I have been looking around the starbazzar despite me being non superstar. We all know there is some ridiculous deals in the bazaar but I have spotted some good deals and I have selected few to show to you!
This extremely cute design made by one of the most popular designers Keira-v must have taken a lot of time and effort and is only priced 3 stardollars more than how much she bought it for. Now that's a good deal!
Quite an old DKNY dress free of the horrible fish print for only 10 stardollars the original being 8 stardollars. Good Deal!A very romantic design and very creative. Its only 9 stardollars. A very good buy!

They are some of the good deals in the star bazaar, Get ready for the ridiculous ones!
- Sarah