Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hot Buys

I don't know about you but theses have to be my favorite set of hot buys yet. Here they are if you haven't seen them yet(unlikely) . I have put a circle around my favorites!

Don't you just love them. My least favorite would have to be the gold shoes. Don't get me wrong i still love them but I just don't feel as drawn to them as all the others. I like the color. I think the look slightly Egyptian which can be nice but not in this situation.
The evil panda hot buy pants came out yesterday surprising us due to the unknown date of they're arrival and guess what................... they're NOT for superstar,

and they are only 5 stardollars which means i can buy them tomorrow YIPPEE! I love the material of them. So shiny! The only reason they are not in my favorites is because the the bottom of them are scrunched up. I'm still buying them though! The hot buys coat is going to be released on January the 5th. Lets hope its going to be non superstar because this is one of my top two (I can't decide between the coat or the skirt) I am a big fan of double breasted jackets and I love this color. I need this jacket! I hope you like them as much as I do. Tell me what you think of the new Hot Buys in the comments. Which are your favorites?
- Sarah