Wednesday, December 31, 2008


How in the world did Ellie (fakeshake3) get this hair style? It's not just an accessory because it won't come off. Check for yourself! It's like this hairstyle from the selection in the medoll maker with a big lump on top! I guess we'll never know unless she tells us.... or maybe it's a glitch!

Lurex tank dress!

I have found the real lurex tank dress. It's nice isn't it! I love the material.


Have the stardoll staff finally found it in their mostly cold hearts to be nice to us stardolians.(?)
They will be giving everyone who logs in on stardoll on new years eve or day this limited edition DKNY dress! It's gorgeous isn't it!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lovely in pink!

Don't you just love this dress!
Pity it's only for superstar..... and it's 9 stardollars
which is slightly expensive but i suppose it is
gorgeous! i guess I'll just have to admire it in
other peoples suites!


I am able to post pictures! Here is my me doll. Do you like it?


Hello! I am Sarah aka newslettterforu and i LOVE stardoll! i have always loved reading blogs and have always wanted to make my own and now i have! I am still working on how to upload images but I'll get it. If you can help please message me or comment on this post! i am not one of the best writers and this blog might not get that far or be recognized as i am not superstar or one of the so called"elites of stardoll". i hope some people will read this blog and use it as a source for gossip! i will post regularly if enough people read it. I hope this blog will turn out to be a good one . Thats all for now!